This album was made using a bespoke system which has been in development for over a decade. Fragments of earlier versions of the system have been used on other recordings, but this project is the first occasion where all sounds have been generated and processed exclusively on instruments that I have programmed myself. The initial impetus to develop it came from a need to free myself from the constraints of using off-the-shelf gear and the culture of consumerism that engulfs electronic music making in particular. And I came to see that experimenting with the functionality of instruments helps to cultivate an experimental attitude to composing with them. Indeed, for me the process of designing instruments has become indissociable from composition. All of the recordings on this album were made in a single take with no edits, reflecting the system’s orientation towards live performance. It is presented in defiance of the path of least resistance.
— Tom Jenkinson (Squarepusher)
Damogen Furies

Squarepusher’s discography is definitely not an easy one. Even fans are challenged again and again by new releases - like his last full-length release Ufabulum, which took a more calculated and raw approach that stood in juxtaposition to his usual jazzy guitar compositions. These are records that don’t challenge you on a superficial level of enjoyment (e.g. “catchiness” and instant gratification), but rather on a level of comprehension, analysis and appreciation of experimentalism.

Jenkinson continues on the path of pure electronic music with this latest release. In contrast to Ufabulum (2012) and more in line with Hello Everything (2006) and Just A Souvenir (2008), Jazz elements are again a focus. This amalgam of raw (even dancable) beats and soaring Jazz synths like in the track ‘Kontenjaz’ is made possible by designing the system around live performance.

In Damogen Furies you can see the passion Jenkinson has for freedom, creation and innovation. A passion last glimpsed in his previous EP Music For Robots (2014), where machines perform tracks that would be impossible for a human to play.

The album as a whole is very well thought out, it works great as a whole listening experience - something I could not really say about Ufabulum. Very hard hitting tracks like the opening track ‘Stor Eiglass’ and ‘Rayc Fire 2’ are contrasted by weirdly nostalgic synth lines in ‘Exjag Nives’ and ‘Baltang Ort’. As is usual with Squarepusher, every track is extremely intricate and complex. The only other artist that works on such a level (and indeed surpasses it) is Autechre. It should take a lot more than one listen to fully “get” a track, but in the end, it is a very rewarding experience.

That said, Damogen Furies is not for everyone and this is the case for the whole Squarepusher discography. I wholeheartedly recommend the album to everybody, however. If you get a chance to listen to one track or maybe the whole album, do it. You may not find it appealing at the first listen, but it challenges you to think differently about music and what it means to express yourself by making it.