I have bought this notebook and the fountain pen I’m holding right now to collect my ponderings, ideas, dreams, aspirations, creeds, experiences, texts, poems, and - most importantly - proof of my life on this planet. I shall think that it gives me the opportunity to reflect on certain thoughts and to revisit musings of days gone by.

A notebook is truly a curious thing. Where does the need in human beings come from to collect their thoughts? Where the want of being remembered? Sadly, nowadays the notion of a notebook is not what it used to be. It used to be a personal, important and deliberate thing. Today, with the abundance of technology, it has become a sort of mass production. People don’t sit down deliberately anymore to compose notes. There is always a machine not far from them, most of the time even in their own pockets.

In that sense, notebooks have become a disposable product. With that change came also a change in thinking. A disposable product available everywhere cannot contain the same caliber of thoughts as a deliberately kept notebook. It is — in fact — not worthy of it. Notebooks today do not contain thoughts, private things, things of the soul… they contain meticulously ordered data.

Data that is fit for processing in computers. Data that says nothing notable about the person that compiled it. Data that is ever ready to be corrected, deleted, easily amended, and fast forgotten.

In fact, it is entirely too easy to keep a digital notebook. It does not require preparation or any extensive thought. It should be hard and demanding to compile a notebook. It should be hard precisely because thoughts are not simple, are not categorisable, are something human.

Let data remain in the domain of computers and thoughts be rescued from their omnipresent clasp.