Above our head there looms the city
Towering above the smog.
People looking down in pity
At the one-legged bum and dog.

Fueling now its own creation,
Towering above mankind.
Industries of generation,
and the people sick and blind.

The city soon an organism,
Parasite of the creators.
Coming fast the cataclysm,
Steam turbines and alternators.

Ever faster, ever quicker;
Money! Money! And success!
Yea the wallets, thicker, thicker!
Breathing in now: vain excess.

Schools are empty, even better:
More to work and ever quicker.
In the mail: rejection letter
No more money, lights shall flicker.

Transportation, transportation!
Fossil fuels and fast food chains.
The minds of ours in stagnation,
Poison water in our veins.

In our brains, alas, the city;
Ever present in cement.
Progress, progress and expansion:
Immortality we shall invent.